10 Christmas gifts for people obsessed with fishing

Got a fishing obsessed human on your Christmas list? If you’re not quite sure what to buy them, this blog could well be your saviour. Yep, we’ve researched our 10 favourite Christmas gifts for avid anglers.

  1. Dry bag

Fishing is wet business, so a dry bag is a great gift idea for people who spend time on the water. They’re also relatively cheap (between $10 and $25), and eternally useful.

  1. Waterproof smart phone case

Speaking of dry, a waterproof phone case is a must-have for anglers. Find out what model of phone they have and save them from themselves.

  1. Fishing rod rack

Does your loved one have way too many rods? Are they laying around like trip wires? Buy them a fishing rod rack. Score one for around $50 from BCF.

  1. Electric fish scaler

If the special angler in your life likes gadgets, they’ll love this one. Yep, it’s a portable fish scaler for super easy meal prep. Buy them here for between $50 and $200.

  1. De-fishing soap

This one may be more for you than them. But, if your loved one comes home smelling fishy, this soap will cleanse them. Properly. It’s also quite affordable, which makes it even better.

  1. Headlamp for caps

Great for people up before dawn or out after dark. This head light attaches to the brim of a peaked hat, which makes it super handy.

  1. Sport fishing belt

A sport fishing belt is for the serious fisherman, who needs support when reeling in those deep-sea fish. Pick one up at any fishing store.

  1. Kid’s fishing rod

If your little one is keen for a cast, then a child’s fishing rod is a great starter. Pick one up for around $15 to $20 from BCF or Anaconda.

  1. Microfibre bait towel

These fast-drying towels are perfect for dying off wet, slimy hands after handling bait or fish. It also has a hook, which means it can hang from your belt.

  1. A multitool

A multi tool is a practical gift any angler would love. Go for a quality made Leatherman, which start at around $100, or a Mossy Oak, which retails for around $60.

Stay safe this Christmas

If your fishing boat isn’t covered this Christmas, talk to us about comprehensive marine cover that won’t break your budget. We can also review your existing cover to make sure you’re saving as much as possible.

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