3 best eco tours in Australia

Ever wanted to get up close with a hump back whale? Australia has some amazing opportunities for eco-adventurers who want to enjoy some of the most majestic marine life on the planet.

We believe understanding what makes these creatures so special is vital to their conservation, and there are so many great eco-marine tours that do just that, right here in Australia.

Of course we can’t list them all, so here’s what made our top 3!

  1. Hervey Bay, QLD

Explore the Great Sandy Straits in one of Australia’s largest glass bottom boats, with family run charter, Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours. Owners Wil and Jaqui Hikuwai don’t waste any opportunity, conducting marine research, while showing guests the marine life.

The family engages in sustainable practices, which are gentle to the surrounding wild life and waters, while also minimising their carbon footprint. Choose from morning or sunset and night cruises, with a clear view of the coral gardens either way.

Right now, they’re also spreading the word about ‘Paddle out for Whales’, an annual event that fosters conservation and awareness of these beautiful creatures. Join in by paddling a kayak or paddle board out on Hervey Bay (from Scarness Beach), and having a minute of silence.

For more information on their eco-tours and events, head here.

  1. Coral Bay, WA

The pristine waters of Coral Bay are a thing to behold. Add the most majestic mammals on the planet, and you have an adventure to remember forever. Coral Bay Eco Tours offers Humpback Whale safaris, Whale Shark tours, turtle adventures and coral viewing and snorkelling.

They’re also one of the select tour companies licensed for in-water interaction with humpback whales. Of course, there are conditions surrounding whether guests can be in the water with the whales, as the well-being and safety of both the whales and humans is very important!

Around 30,000 whales migrate through Ningaloo, with many having a rest stop (and play!) along in the gentle Coral Bay. The Ningaloo Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means the marine park is protected under International Law.

Plan your Coral Bay adventure on their website!

  1. Jervis Bay, NSW

Discover bottle nose dolphins, seals and humpback whales up close, in the clear blue waters of Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay Wild offers eco-friendly marine adventures, with cruises for the whole family to enjoy. They’ve been around for 9 years and operate every day.

The crew at Jervis Bay Wild have won Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor every year since 2013. Needless to say, they know how to make sure you have a great time, while also respecting the natural wildlife that makes the bay so special.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, Jervis Bay is said to have the whitest sand in the orld, which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy from the pristine shores when you’re not on board your eco-adventure tour.

Discover more about Jervis Bay Wild here. 

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