3 Best fishing shows in Australia

This week we’re talking about the best fishing shows of all time. (Filmed in Australia of course!) Yes, we know it’s a big call, and we’re sure you have your own views on what should make the cut, but we’ve whittled the list down to our top 3.

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  1. Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventure

Rex Hunt has certainly had his fair share of controversy over the past few decades, but no one can deny his position as one of the most entertaining fishing hosts of all time. His wild gesticulations and propensity for kissing his catch before setting them free made him an eccentric favourite with fishing lovers the world over.

Hunt started his career as an Australian rules footy player, before moving on to become a sports commentator, and later, the host of Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventure. He was also a police officer, making Sergeant in the Victoria Police by age 30. But people know him best from his turn as the beer-swilling fisherman who embraced the saying, ‘Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this.’


  1. Merv Hughes Fishing

Former Australian fast bowler Merv Hughes isn’t just famous for his giant moustache and cricketing talent. He also hosts his own fishing show, which sees Hughes and co-host, Jason Kennedy, travel to some of Australia’s most iconic (and secret) fishing spots.

As well as plenty of fishing, the show has a generous number of giveaways each season, including fishing gear and merchandise from the show. Trident Marine Insurance is a sponsor of the show, which airs 4.30pm Saturday on Channel One HD. For more on Merv Hughes Fishing head here.


  1. Hook, Line and Sinker

HLS hosts Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart come head to head most episodes, which makes for some pretty entertaining television. The duo are known for not knowing perhaps as much as they should about fishing, but they give every fishing expedition a red hot go.

In most cases, the pair defers to local experts, who give them tips on where and how to catch whatever is in season at a particular location in Australia. They’re also known for rating large landmarks in regional towns throughout Australia, like the ‘Giant Koala’ in Dadswells Bridge and the ‘Big Merino’ in Goulburn New South Wales.


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