3 weirdest boats in existence

There are some extremely weird boats floating around Australia (and the world!). As we discovered, some of the best were commissioned right here, which isn’t a surprise, given we are lovers of the water, and a good laugh.

If you know of a crazy boat design, we’d love for you to share it to our Facebook page! For now, let’s get started with our favourites…

  1. The Exbury Egg

Yes, you guessed it; the Exburry Egg is indeed, an oversized floating egg. Designed by Stephen Turner, this timber-clad watercraft is a houseboat fit for one (or two) people. The Egg has no propulsion, which means it rises and falls with the tide. In a bid to encourage people to re-assess how we live, The Egg is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In response to the ‘super slow’ way in which the watercraft travels, Turner was quoted as saying:

“Why work with Super Slow Way? It’s all in the name. I have always felt that slow is important in an age where we somehow prefer quantity over quality, speed over depth of connection.

“Where we have to get something fast or not bother at all. We all need time for contemplation, consideration and the joy of really connecting with each other, the world around us and our own inner selves.”

Head here for more on the Exbury Egg.


  1. Guitar Boat

Imagine a really large acoustic guitar, to scale, complete with fret board, strings, and an outboard. Well that’s exactly what Aussie musician Josh Pyke commissioned back in 2008. The floating guitar is fully functional, and an exact replica of the singer’s CW80E Maton brand guitar.

The Guitar Boat was featured in Pyke’s music video for ‘Make You Happy’, a single off his album Chimney’s Afire. In the video, you’ll see him ‘boating’ in Rozelle Bay, Sydney Harbour. The boat itself was made by Maximus Sets and Ross Wallace.

In 2009, Pyke auctioned the boat online, with all proceeds going to the Indigenous Literacy Project. We are also slightly chuffed that an Australian is responsible for making floating guitars a reality.

Check it out here.

  1. The ‘Nissank’

The infamous ‘Nissank’ is the product of TopGear’s second, and perhaps most hilarious, ‘Amphibious Car Challenge’. Each presenter was given the task of modifying a vehicle, and then using it to cross the infamously rough English Channel.

James Hammond transformed a Volkswagon Transporter into a ‘watercraft’, but failed due to engine damage in rough water. Brian May modified a Triumph, but sank twice and failed to make it beyond the harbour.

Jeremy Clarkson made it all the way across the channel, driving out of the water and onto the shores of Sangatte (rather than their intended destination, Calais). The sunbathers were understandably shocked.

Look for TopGear season 10, episode 2 to watch the full episode.

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