4 lessons Game of Thrones can teach us about sailing

If you’re like many of us in the Trident Marine office, Monday night has been booked out for the past 4 weeks (and the next 2!) watching the epic battle for the living unfold, and now, the last war for the Iron Throne.

We couldn’t help but notice many key battles in the award-winning HBO series take place on water. And well, since we can’t switch off, we also couldn’t help but notice that these scenes teach us a thing or two about good (and bad) sailing.

Here are some tips we came up with, thanks to George R.R. Martin and his crew. Oh, and if you’re not up to date with your Game of Thrones viewing, don’t read on. Spoilers alert!

  1. Crew like the Unsullied

The Unsullied may not have fared well last episode, when they were hit hard by Euron Greyjoy, but you can’t fault them on their loyalty and skill. The elite warriors work seamlessly as a team, with intensive training beginning when they are just children.

The trust between the Unsullied is admirable, and it’s also something that should exist between members of your crew. Having people on board who are vigilant and have the best interests of the crew at heart, is vital to safe boating – whether you’re a pro or a weekend warrior.

Training is important too, and while you don’t need to start as a child, you do need to begin some time. Having your Skippers Ticket is a must, and if it’s been a while, going through a refresher course will keep your skills sharp when you’re on the water.

  1. Defend like Euron (but don’t be like him)

Okay, there is literally nothing likable about Euron Greyjoy, the guy whose ship is called Silence, because he cut out the tongues of his crew. (Ew.). But, Euron is pretty good at one thing, being on the defensive.

Last episode, when Daenerys cruised in on Drogon, focused on taking the Iron Throne, she didn’t expect Euron to be kicking back with a giant cross bow, ready to take out Rhaegal, her other winged baby who flew alongside her.

While we’re pretty sure you won’t need to conquer dragons on the water, we do know that it pays to be defensive. That means always making sure you have one person keeping watch for hazards, such as obstacles or other boats, on the water.

  1. Don’t mess with wildfire

In Season 2, Tyrion harnesses flammable wildfire in the Battle of Blackwater to take out Stannis Baratheon’s fleet. Flammable liquids are known to cause considerable damage to vessels outside the fictional world of Game of Thrones too.

This is why we always recommend having an up to date, regulation fire extinguisher on board (the size tends to relate to the amount of flammable liquid on your boat, so check out the regulations in your state).

It’s also important to have a clear fire safety drill in place, should the worst happen. That way you won’t be messing around when time is of the essence. Here is a blog we wrote, which details fire safety tips that could save your life.

  1. Back the right Leader

Whether you’re backing Daenerys for the job of Iron Thrown sitter, or you’re 100% Team Jon Snow (we won’t mention Cersei, because we’re not psychopaths), then you’re aware of the value of a good, strong leader.

When it comes to sailing, a good Skipper is beyond important – so be sure to choose someone you trust, who has the knowledge and experience to take care of you and the rest of your crew, even in tough conditions.

While neither Jon nor Dani have experience ruling all of the 7 Kingdoms, it is important that your Skipper has experience being in charge of a boat. If they’re still cutting their teeth, there should be another experienced Skipper on board, just to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Worried about wildfire?

While we can’t insure you for damage caused by dragons or wildfire, we can make sure you’re protected for the stuff that really matters, so you have peace of mind on the water.

We offer comprehensive marine cover, that has your back better than Ser Jorah had Daenerys’ during the Battle of Winterfell.

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And big thanks to Fandom Australia for most of the Game of Thrones facts quoted in this blog.