5 affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas for boat lovers

Mother'S Day Gift for Boat Lovers

Mother’s day is just around the bend, which means it’s time to think about what to gift the special woman in your life. If she’s into boats, this list will make your life a whole lot easier.

Here’s what made the cut.

  1. Boating Camping Fishing (BCF) Gift Card

We’re all about the gift cards at Trident Marine, because they’re so easy to get your hands on. And, they’re perfect for mums who have a lot of boating equipment already. Just head to your local BCF or jump online and buy an e-Gift Card (if you don’t have the time).

Choose to give as much as you want, and let mum buy exactly what she likes. Just be sure to put the gift card in an actual card with a meaningful message. Most of all, a good Mother’s Day gift comes from the heart.

Spending a few extra minutes writing on a card will go a long way.

  1. Rod and reel combo

Okay, we are shocked at the number of gift lists that suggest buying a pressure cooker or boating cookbook for mum. Let’s be a little more original, and give her something that doesn’t involve the kitchen, like a rod and reel combo.

If she’s into fishing, make sure to buy a style she doesn’t have already. For example, if mum typically fishes off shore, buy her a fishing rod designed for fishing off a boat. Most anglers have a few rods for different occasions, so you can’t go wrong.

Daiwa rods are good quality, and will set you back around $70 (for a base model).

  1. Boater’s Wine Glass Holder by Bella D’Vine

This wine glass holder works with stemless and stemmed wine glasses, and includes a 3-pronged suction base – perfect for holding mum’s cabernet at sea. Of course, we are big advocates of safe boating, so never recommend drinking beyond responsible limits on the water.

But, we also appreciate that a glass of wine on board is indeed one of the more wonderful moments in life, so why not make sure it doesn’t spill everywhere? If you order it online now, you’re likely to get it in time for Mother’s Day.

Buy it for $14.99 from Amazon here. If you want to be extra amazing, pair the glass with a nice bottle of her favourite wine.

  1. Sailing or UV Gloves

If sailing is mum’s jam, then a new pair of gloves is an affordable and practical gift idea. Buy them from most camping or fishing stores, or head online and get a pair there. Gloves retail from $10 up to around $70 for top of the range brands.

There are also sun smart gloves, which stop slippery hands, while keeping them protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays. This Australian website offers good quality UV gloves for $28.95. They’re UPF50+, lightweight and come in a range of colours.

Just make sure you have an idea of mum’s hand size! (Otherwise be sure to keep the receipt to make exchanges easier.)

  1. Waterproof Speaker

If mum doesn’t have a waterproof speaker, get one in her life, STAT. Kogan do a water resistant model for $25 (available from Dick Smith), or go even better quality and buy a JBL Flip for around $110.

If you want to be the absolute golden child of the century, make sure she has Spotify uploaded to her smart phone. Get her the free version and show her how to use the app with her new speaker.

Head here for a great blog reviewing the best waterproof speakers of 2018 (so far).

Are you covered?

If you need comprehensive marine insurance for your boat, get in touch for an obligation free quote. We insure most kinds of vessels, and make sure you’re covered for the stuff that matters. So you have peace of mind, and can get on enjoying what you love the most.

Stay safe out there and have a great Mother’s Day! It’s Sunday May 13 by the way 😉