5 best boating fails

In a perfect world the sailing is always smooth. In reality, we know that even the most experienced seafarers can run into trouble, especially if conditions and luck are against them.

While we don’t like advocating anything on the water that is not safe, we thought we’d take some time to review some of the more unusual boating fails on our radar.

Here’s what made the cut.

  1. Owner drills holes in hull

In 2016, a local boat owner decided to sink their own vessel. How? By taking out the drain plug and drilling holes in the hull. The boat was found at the bottom of the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, covered in scum build up, which indicated it had been submerged for a while.

The boat in question was a hire boat that had probably been sold and then left unregistered by the new owner. No one was hurt (besides the boat).

  1. Huge yacht washes up on beach

It’s not often you see a yacht beached on the shore. But that’s exactly what happened in Praia de Reserva, Rio de Janeiro. The owner of the impressive yacht lost control, and the vessel drifted, landing it washed up on the beach.

Local graffiti artists added their own personal touch to the vessel, making the sight even stranger. Check out the YouTube footage here.

  1. Boat launch fail

It is perhaps an understatement to call this one a simple ‘fail’. Footage shows a large crane lowering a boat into the water from a wharf. The weight of the boat tips the crane over and into the water. Operators and bystanders jump out of the way just in time.

The boat in question appears to float away afterwards, so perhaps the job resulted in some level of success? Watch it here. Seriously.

  1. Container ship sails straight to shore

You really need to see this fail to get the full, well, impact. Basically, a huge container ship runs straight to shore, right by a university football field in Hong Kong. The video itself has had over 38 million views. And for good reason.

It’s just plain weird to see a mammoth shipping container sail straight for the shore. We wonder what the Captain was thinking at the time!

  1. Free Willy smashes yacht

We’re not sure exactly where this footage was taken, but it shows what appears to be an orca launching out of the water and into a yacht. The yacht is totally decimated, and we hope everyone on board was okay. (The orca seemed to be.)

Skip to 5 minutes 20 on this YouTube video to see the amazing footage. We recommend watching the rest too!

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