5 best boating forums in Australia

The Internet is an awesome place for finding information about the wide world of boating, but it can also be overwhelming. Luckily, there are some great forums and advice blogs out there that offer well-researched information from people in the know.

We’ve collated our top 5 boating blogs and advice forums!


If you need to research boats, gear and marine tech, then Boat Advice is the place to check out. The crew knows their stuff, and the website is highly intuitive, with easy to use search functions that help you find info fast.

The site also offers reviews on boats and gear, which make it a lot easier to decide whether that thermal camera you’re not sure about is actually right for you. We also really like that they’re based in Australia, so info is always relevant. Check Boat Advice out here.


If fishing is your jam, then is the place to pick up local knowledge, and share your own. Like most good forums, chats or threads are divided into topics, so you can search for relevant information or even start your own thread.

There’s also a page for classifieds, for anglers buying and selling gear, and blogs that cover everything from how to throw a cast net to knot tying. You can also get great tips on filleting different species of fish. We love the breadth of knowledge available here.

  1. Your Facebook Community

Wherever you’re located we’re pretty sure there’s a boating community page dedicated to your area. It could be your local yacht club or marina. Whatever form it takes, we recommend asking to be ‘Added’ to the group or ‘Liking’ the page.

Getting local knowledge is probably one of the most valuable kinds of information, and of course, it’s always great to connect with other sailors, anglers and boaties who share your passion.

  1. Trident Marine

You might say it’s a little big headed to include ourselves, but sharing info with the boating community is something we’re very passionate about. We’ve been writing our blog for over 5 years now, and have collated a handy trove of resources for beginner boaties and seasoned pros.

We interview people in the industry, offer tips on improving your skills and info on the best boating spots in Australia. We also have a Facebook page dedicated to the Aussie boating community. Check it out here and drop us a line!

  1. Cruisers Forum

If you’re looking to join a crew, or need crew yourself, Cruisers is a great forum to be a part of. Membership is free, and topics cover anything and everything cruising. It has an international flavour, as well as threads centred purely on the Southern Hemisphere.

You’ll find discussions on all kinds of boats, including forums on heaps of different boat builders, as well as commercial classifieds for those who make a living in the marine industry. Head here to be a part of this international hub.

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Disclaimer: No advice offered on the Internet should ever be fully relied on. Always consult with a marine professional if you need expert advice on activities relating to boating and fishing.