The 5 best boating podcasts of 2018

Podcasts are an amazing way to boost your knowledge of, well, any subject under the sun. And if you choose the right show, they’re super entertaining too.

There are some excellent sailing and boating podcasts out there, which offer a great listen on commutes to work, when you’re gardening, cleaning or walking the mutt.

If you’re new to the podcast game, or don’t know how to get started, here’s a good article, which explains how to listen to podcasts on your smart phone.

But for now, here’s our top 5 boating podcasts of 2018.

  1. Boat Radio

This podcast hit over 1 million downloads, and for good reason. Boat Radio has a whole bunch of shows, which tell stories of epic sailing adventures, as well as boating tips, ocean conservation info and our favourite – interviews with legendary sailors.

We also love how the show talks to ordinary seafarers who have achieved incredible feats. Boat Radio is a solid listen, whether you’re a pro sailor, a boat owner or an armchair enthusiast. Click here to access episodes on iTunes.

  1. Sailing Stories

Host Lee Cumberland shares entertaining ocean stories every week. Brave or Stupid is a particularly funny episode about 2 Swedes, who, after a bottle of wine, agree to sail around the globe despite never having sailed in their lives. Ever.


There’s a new season out now, titled Around the World with Jean-Du-Sud. Unlike the previous season, this one needs to be listened to in order, as each episode builds on the one before. Ocean story telling at it’s best. Listen here.

  1. On the Wind

We like this long-form podcast, as you can really settle into each interview as it unfolds. Each interview is more like a casual chat, between host and creator Andy Schell, and guests such as German Frers, Magnus Olsson and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Schell believes in sharing stories of success in the world of sailing to inspire other seafarers to achieve their ocean dreams. He also speaks to regular folk and boating experts about their adventures and passion for sailing. Find it here.

  1. Sailing Alone around the World

Joshua Slocum was the first person to circumnavigate the world, alone, on a sailing boat. His voyage went from April 1895 to June 1898, and his story became an inspiration for adventurers all over. (And still is.)

Slocum’s historic memoir has been turned into a 22-episode podcast, with one chapter per show. It’s a fantastic way to gain insight into the mind-set of a human being who achieved an amazing feat, even by modern standards. Listen to it here.

  1. Ocean Sailing Podcast

New Zealand born David Anderson has lived in Australia for the past 12 years. He’s also the host of Ocean Sailing Podcast, which focuses on races, cruising and sailing in the Southern Hemisphere. (So we like it a lot!)

David has competed in over 400 sailing races, including the infamous Sydney to Hobart, and his website offers a great list of sailing events happening all over Australia. We recommend having a listen if you want insights from sailing personalities on our side of the world.

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