5 Best Lakes in Australia

We’ve written about the best places to anchor off the coast. Now it’s time for lakes to receive the attention they deserve. Especially since Australia has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Here’s what made our top 5!

  1. Dove Lake – Cradle Mountain

It makes sense that Tasmania is home to one of the most gorgeous lakes in Australia. Cradle Mountain offers a wild and rugged backdrop, with lush green scenery and walking trails for those who want to take in the beauty of outback Tasmania. There are also loads of native animals living around the lake, just but be careful of Tiger Snakes in the summer.


  1. Blue Lake – Mount Gambier

Blue. Lake. Need we say more? Most of the time, Blue Lake is a stunning azure blue colour. In autumn and winter, it turns different, yet equally beautiful, shades of grey. You can even quench your thirst with the fresh water – all while admiring the monument of poet (and politician) Adam Lindsay Gordon, which sits on the shoreline.


  1. Lake McKenzie – Fraser Island

If radiant turquoise water is your thing, Lake McKenzie should interest you. McKenzie can be found in Queensland at tourist destination hotspot, Fraser Island. Pristine white sand surrounds the lake, deepening the deep blue colour of the water even further. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic. There are also camping, BBQ and toilet facilities onshore.


  1. Lake Alexandrina – Adelaide

This beauty was named after Princess Alexandrina of Hanover, and its royal namesake truly does it justice. According to Aboriginal legend, a monster known as Muldjewangk inhabits the lake. Luckily, you’re more likely to see an abundance of butterflies, lizards and turtles. Head outside Adelaide city to discover Lake Alexandrina.

  1. Lake Albina – Mount Kosciuszko

Our final destination is Lake Albina, about 5 hour and 30 minutes from Sydney’s CBD. The glacial lake is often known to get snowfall during many months of the year. It’s pebble stone shores, rocky outcrops and lush, dense bush-land creates a picturesque backdrop worthy of a Banjo Patterson poem.


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