5 best new gadgets in boating for 2017

When it comes to boating, there’s always some kind of gadget that’s set to blow the sport, as we know it, ‘out of the water’ (sorry, not sorry).

We decided to knuckle down and list the stuff that’s actually going to make life easier and safer for boaties in Australia. Because to us, that’s what revolutionary marine tech should be about.

Here’s what made our top 5.

  1. Giving skiers control of the boat.

Sounds scary, but this new tech by Nautique allows skiers to control the speed and wake of the boat towing them. ‘Surf Select’ will be showcased at the Novi Boat Show in Michigan. If that’s not enough to impress you, the feature also allows skiers to control the volume of the stereo on the boat, just to make sure you’re having the best time in every possible way.

And yes, you do still need someone to steer the boat.

  1. The joyous Volvo Penta joystick

This joystick is the first system to be specifically designed for twin inboard shaft installations, which include driving and docking modes, as well as steering components (slip, throttle, rudders, thruster, and gear shift). Using patented tech, the joystick automatically works out the perfect balance for rudder angles, and the thrust from the bow thruster and main engines, then aligns them with the special characteristics of the boat. Pretty. Cool.

  1. Ventilated rod storage

Sounds simple, but sticking your fishing rod and other wet gear into an unventilated hole is just asking for mould, rust and other smelly trouble. 2017 is touted as the year boats started being manufactured with ventilated rod storage lockers. How? Well, they include a powered fan in the storage space, which encourages airflow and discourages mildew and those other nasties. These fans are typically timer controlled, so you won’t need to waste power unnecessarily.

  1. Digi dashes

If you bought a car in the past few years, you’re probably rolling around with a digital dashboard on land. Now you can hit the water with one too. The most cutting edge digital displays feature touch screens, which allow you to operate every function of your boat from one single place. The really cool ones are made with screens that can be easily viewed from different angles, even if you’re sporting polarised sunnies.

  1. LED lights

It may not sound like much, but the rise in LED boat lighting over the past 12 months has made a big difference to many facets of boating life. For one thing, lighting is typically a big problem area for boaties, with electrical issues often originating from poor lighting connections, including easily broken filaments. LEDs also reduce corrosion, which is common with standard bulb connections. Oh, and you can’t ignore the fact that they look pretty cool too.

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