5 most bizarre things found at the bottom of the sea

Scientists say that only 5% of the ocean has really been explored properly (and that’s an over estimation!). Today, we’re taking a moment to list the most bizarre things ever discovered at the bottom of the sea, and you’re likely to be surprised…

  1. An alien aircraft

Okay, we don’t really know if the strange circular object found at the bottom of the ocean was an alien aircraft, but it sure looks something like one. In 2012, a Swedish treasure hunting team found a cylindrical object in the Baltic Sea. Its origins and functionality remain a mystery, although some speculate that it could be a glacial deposit or even an underground volcano.

The object itself looks a lot like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, and many believe it has the appearance of something alien. Take a look and make up your own mind up.

  1. Apollo 11 rocket engines

Apollo 11 is probably one of the most famous space travel flights in history. This is probably why Jeff Bezos, CEO of, put together a crack team of explorers to find parts of the rocket, which separated from Saturn V only 38 miles over Earth. The rocket and Saturn V crashed into the sea, presumably lost forever. But Bezos’ team managed to find both parts.

Head here to see what the rocket and Saturn V looked like after being recovered from the depths of the ocean.

  1. Blackbeard’s cannons

Blackbeard was an infamous English pirate who sailed the West Indies and Eastern American colonies. The fearsome pirate robbed vessels on the high seas, but legend has it, he never actually harmed anyone while doing so. The recovered canons were used by Blackbeard for only a year, and were lost when his ship ran to ground in 1718 in North Carolina.

The largest canon weighs 3,000 pounds. Check them out here!

  1. The oldest city in the world

15 years ago scientists discovered the oldest city in the world, by accident. Located 131 feet underwater in the Gulf of Khambhat off India, many speculate that the ruins could be the lost city of Lord Krishna. The city itself was said to have 70,000 palaces built from precious metals such as gold and silver. Legend has it that Krishna’s death caused the city to sink into the ocean.

Take a look at the ruins here.

  1. Silver from World War II

During World War II a British merchant ship sank off the coast of Ireland. Inside, were 61 tons of silver bars (valued at 38 million pounds). The ship was traveling from India when a German U-boat sank it. The bars were supposed to fund the British war effort. Now they’ve been found, the Royal Mint is making the silver into coins, which will commemorate the loss of lives.

Read a full write up on the tragedy here.

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