5 cool gifts for boat lovers in Australia

Christmas is just around the corner, so we thought we’d take some time to list our top 5 gift ideas for boat lovers in Australia. If you have a great idea for a nautically inspired Christmas gift, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below, or hit us up on our Facebook page!

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  1. Waterproof Speakers

They won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and trust us, any boat lover with a penchant for sea shanties will love it. There are plenty of affordable waterproof speakers around. We like the Monster Superstar Backfloat Bluetooth because it also happens to float; a very important feature when you’re on the water!

If the person you’re buying for doesn’t have an account with Spotify or Pandora, set them up with a free account so they can access music from their phone.  There are plenty of playlists to choose from, and you can also create radio stations based on the music you love the most.

  1. Handheld Depthfinder

Even if your favourite friend does have a Skipper with all the bells and whistles, they’ll still want a good quality handheld Depthfinder at their fingertips. These retail for anywhere between $50 and on the higher end of the spectrum, $600. BCF has a range of options, just search for FIshfinders and you’ll see a variety to choose from.

If you get stuck, The Norcross Marine H22PX is a good one, as it retails for around $120 and measures depths off ledges, drop-offs and through muddy water. The display is also programmed to update 4 times every second, so you’re guaranteed to get an up to the millisecond reading.

  1. Nautical Jewellery

Etsy has an amazing range of earrings, necklaces and other special pieces with a nautical theme. While you’re there, you can also check out their sailboat wine stopper, monogrammed fish hook decals and clipper ship neckties. There’s even a paper boat brooch and cool wooden anchor key chains too.

Our favourite Etsy finds have to be the jewellery though. There are plenty of pieces to choose from – including sailboat pendants, wooden boat earrings and sterling silver oar necklaces. Just be sure to make your purchases in the next couple of weeks so they arrive in time for the big guy with the beard.

  1. Rapala Fish Fillet Knife

This classic filleting knife has been inundated with rave 5-star reviews on Amazon. The Swedish stainless steel blade is full-tang, and features a reinforced birch varnished handle. The blade slides into a sheath made with genuine, quality leather. It also conveniently comes with a single-stage sharpener.

According to the retailer’s website, more than 40 million have been sold to date, making it one of the most popular fishing knives in the world. There are many blade lengths to choose from, but if you’re not sure, we recommend choosing the 7-inch version. The Rapala retails for around $25 AUD. Head here to read more about this product.

  1. Giant Swan

Okay, serious boating equipment aside, we think every boatie should have a giant inflatable swan in their life. These super sized floating birds can be purchased in-store at Target for $29, and can be ridden by both children and adults.

If swans aren’t cutting it for you, there are plenty of other giant birds for boat-loving friends or relatives to enjoy – like giant pink flamingos, and even giant pretzels. If you’re moored, it’s possible to tie a rope from the swan’s side handles and bob around in the Christmas sunshine.

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