Our 5 favourite boating channels on YouTube

Want inspiration for your Spring sailing adventures? We’ve listed our five favourite boating channels on YouTube, to get you geared up. If you know of a sailing channel that needs our attention, leave a comment below or hit us up on Facebook.

  1. The Bureau of Meteorology

Okay, you probably expected a ‘Boating Fail’ channel to make the number one spot. No, we’re going with the most practical and important YouTube channel an Australian boater could ever need – the Bureau of Meteorology. BOM offers the latest weather updates, including severe weather warnings and Q&As under the #AskBom tagline.

So, while you’re checking up on weather conditions likely to impact your weekend launch, you can boost your knowledge of monsoons, cold fronts and all the other stuff that makes boaties smarter than normal people. Check the BOM channel out here.

  1. Sailing La Vagabonde

An Australian couple with no idea how to sail decide to sail around the world in a yacht. Sound like a terrible idea? Well, the pair has managed to travel 88,395 nautical miles since their voyage started in late 2014. Riley and Elayna have more than a million YouTube subscribers, who follow their adventures across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to the Caribbean and Pacific.

According to the pair, they’ve encountered pirates, terrible storms, equipment problems and financial issues – but still, they film and sail on. Check out their channel here, and if you feel generous, help them fund their adventures.

  1. The Australia Sailing Team

If you’re interested in the world of competitive sailing, then the Australian Sailing Team’s official YouTube channel is one to subscribe to. You’ll find highlights, from international events and  interviews with Olympic and world champion sailors to athlete profiles, coach titbits and action clips from the youth and adult teams.

Although our sailors are world-class (and so is their YouTube content!) their channel doesn’t have a whole lot of followers. So, head over and hit Subscribe for our amazingly talented sailing teams.

  1. Failzone – Boat Fail Compilation

Before we dive into this channel, we want you to know that safety is vitally important to us. As far as we know, no one was seriously injured in these videos, although it certainly looks like some people came close. Perhaps, watching these compilations serves as a firm warning of what not to do on the water.

Either way, Rex Videos Best Boat Fails Compilation is an eye-opening series of bad boating examples. And unfortunately, no corner of the world is safe. Check it out here if you’re brave.

  1. Sailing Uma

Instead of buying a couch Dan and Kika bought a boat. Now they sail around the world and document their adventures on YouTube. Yes, a whole lot of folk seem to be doing this these days, but this pair have a certain charm and authenticity that makes us feel invested in their journey.

So far, Dan and Kika have visited 25 countries, while traveling over 15,258 nautical miles. Oh, and they’ve used zero fuel. Read more about their sailing adventures here, or watch it for yourself on their channel.

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