5 secret reasons why boating in winter is the best

Winter may seem like a terrible season to hit the water, but there are some surprising reasons why it’s an underrated and amazing time to launch. We’ve collated our top five reasons for boating this winter, so you can decide on whether setting sail is right for you.

Here’s what made the cut.

  1. More space

Winter is a time when many sailors store their boats for the winter, which means when those perfect winter sailing days come about, they’re not ready to roll. But, of course, you are. Thanks to those other folk parking up, legends like you get more space, even in that popular local spot, which gets chock-a-block when the wind is good.

Luckily, winter means fewer people on the water, and more room to sail. Take advantage of those amazing winter days and enjoy the freedom of tacking without worrying about Joe Blow port side.

  1. Conditions

Yes, winter in Australia can be brusque, but compared with other spots around the world, conditions are fairly mild. In fact, winter months often result in calm and predictable weather conditions – sometimes even more so than over Summer and Spring when south-westerlies can take hold.

In winter, the calmness of early morning often lingers throughout the day, which makes for perfect weather for parking up and casting a line, or just enjoying the space and freedom of a fine winter’s day.

  1. Fishing

Did we mention casting a line? Well winter is one of the best times to do just that in Australia. If you’re in WA, early winter is a good time to snag a Snapper, especially as they migrate from deep water to the shallower waters around Garden Island and Cockburn Sound. You may need to head out in the chilly morning or stick around in the evening to catch one, but it’s well worth it.

For more tips on what to catch and where this winter in WA, head to this great blog by I Love Fishing. If you’re outside WA, Google ‘winter fishing’ and the name of your state or territory to find out where the best catches are hiding.

  1. Surf

Post-storm conditions make for good surf, which makes boating in winter even better for boaties who love a paddle. Big swell and light winds lend themselves to ripper breaks, just be safe about where you anchor. Staying in deep water away from the breaking waves is your best bet, as you definitely don’t want to get your boat stuck in a large swell.

Jump online to find out the best surf spots in your local area to access by boat. Just be sure your surfing abilities are up to whatever break your planning on and check the wind and weather on the day to make sure conditions are right.

  1. Whales

If you’re on the Eastern coastline this winter, you’re in the perfect spot to see a Humpback whale. These amazing mammals head North from April to November after a summer eating krill in the waters of the Antarctic. Although specific timings change year to year, you’re likely to see some action off coastal towns such as Byron Bay, Hervey Bay and Eden.

If you’re wondering when to see the whales over on the West Coast, here’s a blog by us on the best time to spot one of these majestic creatures.

Is your boat covered this winter?

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