5 strangest things caught while fishing

In most cases, a bite means a fish on the end of the line, or at the very least, a bunch of seaweed. But, there have been cases where anglers have reeled in more than they bargained for. We’re blogging the 5 weirdest catches on our radar.


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  1. A live grenade

A nine-year old boy in North Carolina managed to snag a dangerous live grenade, while fishing with a magnetic fishing set with his dad. His mother was quoted as saying, “I thought it would be a fun, safe thing that him and his dad could do together.”


The young boy said he pulled the grenade out, and saw it did not have a pin in it, which means it was live. Luckily, his dad was retired from the special forces, and knew to seek help straight away. No one knows why the grenade was in the creek.


Emergency services detonated the grenade out in the forest, as it was not safe to transport.


  1. A crocodile

In 1969 a fisherman reportedly snagged a crocodile with a Matuka style fly on a size eight longshank Mustad hook. The croc was collected by a staff member from the reptile department at the local Riber Zoo.


Stories of crocs and anglers crossing paths are all too common, especially in the Northern Territory of Australia. In 2019, Darwin locals caught an ‘absolute donkey of a barra’, only to find a saltwater croc showing interest in it too.


As the angler reeled the barramundi in the crocodile kept pace, eventually taking hold of the fish and having a feed. The two fishermen climbed a tree to safety.


  1. People

Most fish loving folk know someone who’s been snagged by a hook themselves. This is especially the case if fly fishing is your thing. David Knapp from The Trout Zone recounts the time when he cast a line downstream as a kid learning to fly fish.


After trying a few successful casts Knapp felt the fly snag, so he jerked it back in an attempt to free it. When the fly wouldn’t come free, Knapp turned to see what the problem was. Turns out, his little sister was twitching and grimacing every time he yanked the fly.


Knapp wasn’t sure why his sister didn’t say anything. She still remains his largest catch.


  1. Powerlines

A Quora contributor shared a story passed on from her father, who managed to catch a power line while fishing near a bridge as a teenager. The woman’s dad was lucky to be unscathed by the incident, but according to his mother, the power in town went out very briefly.


A 62-year-old man in China was not so lucky, when he cast his line in a river near a railway bridge. The wet line hit the high voltage wires above, causing the man to be electrocuted. The man’s fishing rod was melted beyond recognition and he was hospitalised.


Powerlines and fishing really don’t mix.


  1. A human skull

In 2007, an angler named Barry Hunter managed to catch a human skull, which was found amongst thousands of fish he’d hauled in. The skull turned out to be Brian Allison, who’d worked on a commercial trawler that had sunk years earlier in the treacherous North Sea.


What’s weirder, is that Barry knew Brian – the pair had been drinking buddies before his disappearance, and Barry had mourned the loss of his friend. Despite finding a wreckage, no trace of Brian, or his brother, was ever found, until Barry’s discovery.


Barry’s find brought much-needed closure to the family of Brian.


Stay safe out there

Even if you’re casting a line from the shore, fishing can be a dangerous sport. Always be aware of hazardous coastal areas, where King waves or other risky conditions may be present. And no matter what, always fish with a buddy and tell people where you’re heading.


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