5 of the strangest unsolved ocean mysteries


The ocean is a vast and mysterious place, which for many sea farers, is part of its allure. Today, we’ve delved into some of the strangest unsolved ocean mysteries around – including the Bermuda Triangle, the case of the disappearing island, and the alien noise that emits from the deepest part of the ocean.

Read on. If you dare.

  1. Ghost yacht

In December 2016, a 23-foot yacht with no markings or mast was discovered floating off the coast of NSW near Camel Rock. A volunteer diver from Marine Rescue NSW was called out to search the yacht for people, but found no life on board.

According to a post on Marine Rescue NSW’s Facebook page, “A diver winched down by the Westpac Life Saver helicopter searched the vessel for occupants. None were found. NSW Police are investigating.”

While it was being towed to shore, the yacht sank. The NSW Police still haven’t traced the owner of the vessel, and so the mystery remains unsolved.

  1. Bermuda Triangle

Cases of people and vessels going missing in the Bermuda Triangle date back to the 1940’s, when 5 torpedo bombers went missing. The pilots were in radio contact until they disappeared. During their final exchanges, they reportedly said they were immersed in ‘white-water’ and disoriented.

Aliens and supernatural forces were blamed for the lost ships and planes, but Australian scientist Joseph Monaghan has the most reliable theory. He told the American Journal of Physics that methane gas pockets bubble up violently in that area, and cause vessels to crash or sink.

This doesn’t explain why the Bermuda Triangle hasn’t ‘swallowed’ anything large in the past 30 years, which makes some scholars believe the mystery was simply made up.

  1. Cannibal Shark

Okay, this one sounds like a terrible B-grade movie, so we couldn’t resist reporting on it. When scientists were tracking a 9-foot Great White, they found something strange. The shark dove around 1,900 feet at speed, and the tag’s temperature went from 7.7 to 25.5 degrees Celsius.

The only explanation for the rapid change in depth and temperature would be if something larger ate the shark. Scientists were still baffled, as the other shark would have to be huge. Some researchers speculated that it could have been a killer whale.

Other scientists believed a 2-tonne colossal cannibal shark could be to blame. Read this article by CNN for more info.

  1. Phantom Island

Bermeja Island marked the 200-nautical mile economic zone off the coast of Mexico in the seventies. Then it disappeared. Yep, 20 years later a whole island just up and went. The Mexican Government decided to look for it 2009. Their findings? Nada.

Important data was stored on the island, which led to conspiracy theorists saying the CIA played a part in its disappearance. It is also said that the CIA exploded the island to expand America’s economic precinct. (Since it marked the edge of their economic zone.)

Bermeja was on maps between 1535 and 1775, but then seemed to disappear from record until 1857.  Some people wonder if it ever existed. Head here for more.

  1. Alien noise

A mysterious sound emanating from the depths of the ocean was recorded by US scientists in 2014. The creepy noise was metallic and robotic, and was discovered at depths of up 11 kilometres by autonomous gliders.

Scientists at Oregon State University later deduced that the sounds were the mating calls of Baleen whales. “The sounds reported here are not similar to known anthropogenic sources such as noise produced by ships or seismic air guns,” their report said.

Researchers later decided the sound may not actually be whales, as it was recorded all year round, and baleen whales only mate during a specific period.

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