5 tips for organising your boat better

Organising your gear onboard doesn’t just make it easier to find your stuff, it’s also important for safety. Besides, spending time searching for keys, sunscreen or whatever else you dumped the moment you stepped onboard, means more time enjoying the ride.


Here are five easy tips for organising your boat better.


  1. Pack less

It may sound obvious, but space onboard any kind of boat is limited. So, consider what you’re going to need before loading up, and only prioritise those essential items. These are the things you’re going to use every day, as well as emergency equipment and safety gear. Maximising space can also be done by thinking smarter about your storage. That’s where the next tips come into play.


  1. Hang it

If you’re a cruising sailor, you know exactly how much stuff needs to be packed onboard for a journey. Hanging fabric shelves are an easy way to store shoes, clothes, and other lightweight items that need to breathe. Just attach them to a rod when you need them, and fold them up when you’re done. Hanging fabric shelves are available from Kmart, Target and other stores that sell homewares, usually for between $10 and $30.


  1. Nothing but net

Netting is a great way to store items. Attach them overhead, on the bulkheads or along unused surfaces, like seat backs. Some sailors even criss-cross bungee cords on the headliner of the centre console head compartment, which can then be used to store large flat items. Just be sure to use a strong netting, like this storage net made from polyester netting and shockcord. You can even ask a professional to install the netting for you, so you know it’s going to last.


  1. Fabric first

Instead of using buckets or containers to store items in cubbies, use canvas bags or packing cubes. Bags and packing cubes aren’t rigid, which means you’ll be able to fit more into your cubby. Fabric is also great for storing smaller items on shelves, like sunglasses, keys and electronics. You can buy fabric storage boxes from most homeware stores, but they’re not waterproof, so are better suited to more protected spots onboard.


  1. Racks

Sliding a rack behind your cabinet door is an excellent way to optimise space, and keep items secure while you’re moving. They’re easy to hang, and perfect for storing toiletries, shower products and other smaller items. You can buy over-the-door organisers from Howards Storage World, and most stores that sell shelf organisers.


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