5 Tips for Staying Safe on a Jet Ski

If you’ve ever ridden (or indeed watched someone ride) a jet ski, you’ll have a good idea just how much fun they are. After all, these stealthy personal watercrafts turn on a dime, and can reach speeds of up to 125kph.

But with great fun comes great responsibility.

Between 1st July 2000 and 31st December 2012 the Australian Coroner recorded 20 jet ski related fatalities. The Coroner reported that:

  • 5% of deaths involved people aged 25 to 49 years.
  • Jet ski operators accounted for two-thirds of deaths (rather than passengers).
  • Only a small portion (17.4%) of deaths involved drugs and alcohol.
  • Zero deaths were intentional.
  • Head here for the full report.

This is why we’re taking time out to highlight some simple safety tips that will make your time on the water safer, and even more enjoyable.

5 tips for staying safe on your jet ski

  1. Wear a life jacket – many jet ski accidents involve collisions of some description. If you are unconscious in the water, a life vest will save your life. No matter how daggy you think it looks, wear it!
  2. Adhere to the jet ski’s safety instructions – if your jet ski has a kill chord, put it around your wrist. If your jet ski only operates at a certain speed or RPM, stay within it (and whatever the speed limits are for the water space you’re in).
  3. Stay sober – drinking or taking drugs while operating a jet ski is just as dangerous as doing so in a vehicle. So sit back and let the exhilaration of the ride do the work!
  4. Be alert – it’s so important to stay vigilant while operating a jet ski. Not only are there other people on the water, you also need to watch out for swimmers, who can be difficult to see when your eyes are on the horizon.
  5. Be smart – the waves coming off that motorboat may look like a great ramp, but they could also flip you and your jet ski. That’s a whole lot of damage to your personal watercraft and, potentially, to you too.

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For more information on jet ski safety in Australia, please click on the Government website that relates to the state you reside in: