5 weird fishing hacks that actually work

If you fancy getting creative with your fishing, you may be interested in these unusual fishing techniques. A few have been used for centuries by traditional fisherman around the world, while others simply require a battery powered drill (seriously).

If you have strange fishing hacks that works for you, leave a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear them and share them with our readers. (If you’re ready to part with your secret of course!)

  1. The white board

Chinese fishermen have a very unusual (but successful) method of catching fish, using white painted boards. Boards are place on either side of a fishing boat, at an angle of 45 degrees (from gunwale to the surface of the water).

At night, the fish can’t resist leaping over the boards, and into the fishing boat. Easy, huh?

  1. Dogs

The Ainu people of Northern Japan used dogs to hunt for fish. They tended to use 2 teams, with up to 30 dogs in each. The dogs were trained to swim 200 metres from each other, and at a signal, headed back to shore.

The fish caught in between the dogs came to shore, as they were scared of the noise the canine squads made.

  1. Plants

Indian tribes in South America use poisonous plants to fish when food is scarce. The juice of these special plants poisons the water and makes the fish dizzy. This makes them easy to pick up by hand.

Within a couple of hours, the poison is gone and the fish are edible.

  1. Weird bait

Okay, we don’t recommend using non-biodegradable fishing lures or littering the ocean in any way, but there have been reports of some pretty strange ones that actually work.

Here are a few of the sillier ones:

  • Lego – yes, head online, and you’ll find many anglers claim to have caught fish using pieces of Lego.
  • Eyeballs – you can buy eyeball replica lures, or take the eye out of a fish and use that.
  • Cigarette butts – apparently these have worked for freshwater fish, including largemouth bass. It’s pretty gross though.
  • Chicken McNuggets – these are said to be very popular with both saltwater and freshwater fish (and people too).
  • Gummy worms – largemouth bass are said to love this.
  • Wine corks – make a good top water lure.

For a laugh, you may also like to check out this article by Wide Open Spaces, 20 Weirdest Looking Fishing Lures that Actually Work.

  1. A drill

Yes, a fellow in the US successfully uses a power drill to catch fish. When he gets a bite, he reels it in by depressing the button on the drill. It’s actually very clever, but potentially takes some of the fun out of fishing.

Head here to look at the video.

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