Battle for the greatest fishing boat in Australia

Yes, there is actually a competition judging the best fishing boats in Australia. And yes, we are very interested in it. Mainly because we get to check out some of the most high-tech, you-beaut fishing boats trawling the deep blue sea.

The event itself happens off Fraser Coast in Queensland, one of the most amazing fishing and boating locations in Australia. According to organisers, it’s also the perfect spot to test how boats handle in more challenging conditions.

Testing will happen around Moon Point and Pelican Bank, and there are plenty of great spots to try out on land, if you’re watching from the shore.

Here’s what you need to know about the event.

How are fishing boats judged?

How exactly do you rate a fishing boat? How is it possible to crown one king of all fishing boats? And who exactly gets to have an awesome job such as this one?

The organisers at Trade-a-Boat state on their website that it helps if judges own a boat license and have ‘…several thousand hours’ worth of sunburn and chapped lips so you look the part.’

But in all seriousness, the judges in question are some of the most knowledgeable fishing and boating experts in Australia, including Jo Starling, John Ford, Trade-a-Boat editor Tim Van Duyl and others of a similar calibre.

In terms of criteria, judges rate each fishing boat using a 10-point scoring system, which focuses on:

  1. Suitability for intended purpose.
  2. Innovation
  3. Design, layout and appearance.
  4. Quality of finish.
  5. Handling and ride.
  6. Stability at rest.
  7. Ergonomics
  8. Standard equipment, including safety features.
  9. Value for money.
  10. X-factor.

Each category is rated out of 10, and then added together for a final score. The fishing boat with the highest score is the winner.

Which boats made the cut?

Trade-a-Boat looks back at all of the fishing boats they reviewed and rated over the past 12 months, and choose finalists with the highest total score. These fishing boats are then invited to be part of Australia’s Greatest Boat ‘battle’.

Qualifiers this year are:

  1. Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console
  2. Caribbean 2400
  3. Haines Hunter 565R
  4. Mako 284 Centre Console
  5. Northbank 650 Hardtop
  6. Sailfish 2800 Platinum
  7. Sea Fox 286 Commander
  8. Stabicraft 2400 Supercab
  9. Surtees 700 Game Fisher HT
  10. Tracker Pro-Guide V-175 SC
  11. Whittley SL22

Fishing for more?

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Tracker Pro-Guide V-175 SC – Trade-a-Boat