Best boating apps in 2017


There are so many amazing boating apps available right now, that we thought we’d take a moment to list our top 5. We chose apps that make life easier for boaties and anglers, so you can get on with what matters – enjoying your time on the water safely.

If you have an app that you love to use, share it with us in the comments section below.

  1. INavX   iNavX

Randy Vance used this powerful navigation application to cruise to Alaska. (Head here for more on his amazing adventure.) The app allows sailors to set a specific course, and then navigate accordingly using a chart plotter and other advanced navigation tools.

You will need to download NOAA raster charts as well, but this is easy to set up. Once it is, you can use markers, contours and everything else you’d want from a good nav app. There’s also data on how fast you’re traveling over ground, depth, tides, current, weather and heaps more.

Visit the iNavX website for all the features.

  1. FishWeather  FishWeather

If fishing is your reason for living, you will love FishWeather. This free app gives you up to the minute information on what the wind is doing, anywhere, anytime. The app draws on 50,000 weather stations, to deliver real-time forecasts. Perfect for choosing the best spot to cast a line.

FishWeather also gives you information about wave height, direction and frequency, as well as hour-by-hour weather forecasts for specific locations. Users say these forecasts are quite accurate, which means you’re unlikely to set out on a fishing adventure, only to be disappointed.

Download the app from iTunes here.

  1. Garmin Connect App Garmin

Garmin has made a name for itself as a smart alternative to the Fitbit, but it’s also made waves as a powerful mariner’s tool. The Garmin Quantix 3 is a marine GPS watch, which allows you to stream information, including sonar depth, location, water temperature and even engine data.

Of course, you do need the app for the watch to work effectively, which is where the Garmin Connect IQ app comes into the picture. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to get updates on the weather, and alarms that alert you to impending forecast changes.

Visit for more on this gadget and app.

  1. Navionics Boating Navionics

This app is probably one of the most downloaded nav apps right now. Probably because you can plan accurate trips using comprehensive NOAA raster charts. There’s also the capability for automated charting, based on the details you input about your boat and depth safety.

Navionics Boating offers quite a few add-ons, which you may need to pay for. The coolest is definitely the auto-routing and depth safety zone module, which retails for around $5, but comes as standard in some versions.

Head to the Navionics website for more info.

  1. MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar

Being a sailor, boatie or angler pretty much means a life obsessed with the weather. This is why you’ll probably love MyRadar, an app that offers a selection of real time animated weather chart overlays, so you can see what’s going to hit your location, and when.

The app also sends you alerts when dangerous weather is coming in, so you know when to safely head back to shore. It’s available on Android and Apple smart phones, and has already had more than 25 million downloads on iTunes.

Download it for Free from the iTunes store here.

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