Best New Fishing Boat Engines 2015

Verado Speedboat MotorEvery year, new boat engines come onto the market. Most manufacturers claim their model features greater fuel economy, more power and a lighter weight. But with so much information flying around, it can be hard to pinpoint an engine that is right for your specific needs.

Today, we’re looking at engines that are especially suited to sports fishing. If you have an opinion on an engine listed below, or think another outboard does the job better, we’d love to hear your insights.

Let’s get started.

1. Mercury Midrange 4-Strokes

Mercury’s manufacturers say its mid-range engines and products are in greater demand than any of its other stock. This is probably why the Mercury Midrange series of outboards were produced. Here’s what makes them special:

  • 4-cylinder outboards are available in 75, 90 and 115 hp.
  • They’re light in weight for easy handling. (The 115 is 2.1 litres and weighs 363 pounds.)
  • The outboards feature a more powerful output, with lower emissions. (Power is boosted by a 2.38 to 1 gear ratio.)
  • Maintenance costs are reported to be low.
  • The valve train is self-adjusting, so you don’t spend big on valve adjustments.

2. Mercury Verado 350

The supercharged Verado 350 is another great addition to the Mercury cohort. The 350 runs on 89-octane gas and is said to be 10% more fuel-efficient than its competitors. It also features:

  • In-line 6-cylinder outboard.
  • Lightweight design (according to Mercury the Verado is 95 pounds lighter than its closest 4-stroke competitor).
  • A cold air intake system, which takes air outside the cowl and transfers it to a supercharger.
  • The powerhead stays dry thanks to the top cowl’s labyrinth style design.
  • The top cowl also has a vented flywheel that helps dissipate engine-heat.

3. Yamaha F150B

The F150B is arguably Yamaha’s most popular outboard, since coming onto the market in 2004. This is why the company took a lot of time and care when updating the model to its most recent version. Advancements include:

  • 8-tooth dog clutch, which replaces the original 6-tooth. This is meant to enhance reliability and shifting.
  • Metallurgical improvements such as more durable valve seats and valve guides.
  • Variable trolling RPM, so anglers can adjust speed in increments of 50-RPM between 650 and 900-RPM.
  • Increased padding in powerhead and lighter cowling.

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