The best spots to rent or buy a berth

Ever wanted to rent or buy a berth or mooring for your boat? There are some amazing locations in Australia, and around the world, you could call your own. Just like homes, marina berths are available for sale (and rent!).

We’ve listed some of the best spots to moor, and what you can expect to pay.

  1. Bocas del Toro, Panama

This archipelago is South of Costa Rica’s tranquil coastline, and only 160 kilometres or so from the Panama Canal. This means you can head to Panama City, as well as explore the untamed, stunning islands near Gatun Lake.


Red Frog Marina starts at $16 USD per month for a 35 to 50-foot premium dock rental, with discounts for long termers. Buying a 40 to 50-foot slip will set you back around $70,500 USD. (That’s about $94,131 AUD.)


  1. Valletta, Malta

Ever watched a Hollywood film set in Roman or Greek times? Chances are, producers chose Valletta as the set. The ex-commercial shipping hub is spectacular, with beautiful, well-preserved buildings and a large Grand Harbour.


Malta is quite an exclusive spot to moor, and according to online forums, availability can be in short supply. We recommend checking Port Booker – a real time berth booking engine for ports around the world, to see what’s available.

  1. George Town, Malaysia

This epically beautiful spot is famous for its food. Even the street carts have Michelin Stars, so you’ll never be left hungry or disappointed with the fare. The port used to be a colonial hub, and there is some English influence left over.


Now it offers sailors from all over the world access to the Andaman Sea, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and the northern Indonesian coastline. We struggled to find numbers on the cost of renting or buying here, but here is a link to enquire about leasing opportunities.


  1. Auckland Harbour, New Zealand

The Auckland Cityscape forms a stunning backdrop to Auckland Harbour (also known as Waitemata). Moorings are shielded from Pacific squalls, which is why many boaties choose this Harbour as a starting point for longer South Pacific cruises.


A 35-foot marina berth in Auckland City could set you back up to $120,000 NZD ($111,219 AUD), while a 12 metre berth in Pine Harbour is worth around $55,000 NZD ($50,975 AUD). Head here for more listings in New Zealand ports.


  1. Australia

Naturally, we can’t complete a list of the best spots to berth in the world without mentioning Australia. We really are spoilt for choice here, so we’ve gone ahead and listed our top picks.

  • Port Geographe Marina in Busselton, WA – $3,276 per annum to rent a pen.
  • Martha Cove in Victoria- $7,950 per annum to rent a 12m pen.
  • Holdfast Promenade in Adelaide – $375,000 to $395,000 to buy 14m pen.
  • Manly Harbour in Queensland – $155,000 to buy a 14 metre pen.

Need marine insurance that saves you more?

Where you store your boat will affect the amount of insurance you pay. For example, a boat that is housed in a secure marina is likely to attract a more competitive insurance rate than one that isn’t. Contact us for a free quote on your boat insurance today.



All figures quoted were correct at the time of publishing. We recommend you double check all figures with the relevant Marina Authority and do not rely solely on information relating to pricing in this blog. Thank you!



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