Cool new boat safety tech you should know about

Okay, we definitely don’t like it when our clients get in any kind of boating accident (or incident), because sometimes, it means people have been hurt. Promoting safe boating is a big part of why we started the Trident blog, and it’s also why we’ve written this one.

Oh, and there is some really cool tech being developed in the boat safety sphere, so we may as well share it with the people who matter to us. (Yeah, you!)

  1. Automatic Positioning Systems

These are now so advanced that they have become ‘virtual’ anchors on some boats. This means they are able to ‘peg a boat to certain spot, and keep it at that location with no actual anchor being dropped.

The Automatic Positioning System connects to a GPS satellite system, which then literally takes over, making necessary adjustment to keep the boat in the desired position. Automatic positioning systems work in lakes, rivers or even oceans.

Pretty. Cool.

  1. Thermal Imaging Camera

Most sailors know boating in the dark is a difficult feat. Yes, we have radars that make the job easier, but there is still significant risk, especially when it comes to obstacles in the water. A thermal imaging camera helps you see those obstacles other tech may not pick up.

The portable camera fits easily in your hand, and allows you to see possible obstructions, which may be lying low. They’ll also come in handy if a crewmember were to fall overboard after dark, as you’ll be able to find them amidst swells and rescue them far more easily.

Find out more here.

  1. Joysticks

Forget the wheel and throttle. How about using a joystick instead? Instead of juggling the throttle and wheel when you hit port, a joystick gives you control of the helm in one easy and centralised location.

Being able to slide into a berth sideways, as well as twist and tilt the joystick in order to move laterally across the water is an amazing experience. And, we’d hazard to say it makes docking a whole lot safer, since you feel more in control.

Get more info here.


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