Coolest jobs for boat lovers

There are plenty of ways to make a living in this world, but if you’re in love with the ocean, it’s worth finding something that earns you a wage and keeps you out at sea.

Plenty of people in this modern age change careers multiple times in their life, so if you’re thinking of jumping into something new, perhaps boating is the answer.

We put our heads down and came up with some of the coolest jobs in the marine industry. Here’s what made the top 6!

  1. Commercial scuba diver

Commercial scuba divers are in demand in many places around Australia, and the job itself is pretty cool. You’ll need your PADI scuba license of course, and coaching to be able to dive alone.

There are plenty of tasks for commercial divers to do, from repairing equipment underwater, photographing species of marine life and even training other people to dive.

For more info on dive courses, head here.

  1. Ship Captain

Yep, real people actually get to be Ship Captains, which means you can too. Well, first you’ll need a whole lot of experience working on ships, as well as a Skipper’s license.


You’ll also need to be an internationally certified ‘Master’ of whatever kind of vessel you’re interested in commanding. But, if being a Captain is your dream, it’s well worth the work.

Click here for Australian Government info on becoming a Ship’s Master.

  1. Whale Watching

It may be a seasonal job, but being on board a whale watching boat is a truly breath taking experience. Luckily, every boat needs a crew, which means positions do become available.

Unfortunately jobs on whale watching boats aren’t very easy to come by, so if you have the time and money, offer to volunteer to get your foot in the door.

  1. Marine biologist

Back in the 90’s every kid on earth wanted to be a marine biologist. Well, it’s still a viable profession, and turns out; it’s a great one for boat and water lovers.

This one really is a career path. You’ll need a degree in ecology, zoology or wildlife biology, and maybe even a Masters or PhD if you’re interested in an independent research position.

  1. Angler

If you want the ultimate ocean job, then commercial fisher-person could be up your alley. The hours are often long, and the going can be tough, but you’ll be immersed in the deep blue sea.

Wages tend to be above around $62,000 per annum for a deckhand position, and if you want to venture abroad, there are cool opportunities in Alaska, Canada and other amazing spots.

  1. Boat builder

If using your hands is something you love to do, then becoming a boat builder could be the job for you. There are plenty of boat builders all over Australia, with many offering apprenticeships.

Building boats in a shipyard means you get to create something special, which will be on the water and bringing people joy for years to come. Pretty. Cool.

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