Fun activities for boat loving kids


Here are four fun activities to further your child’s boating education.


  1. Knot tying

If your kid can tie their own shoes, they can start learning how to tie knots. Start with a bowline. Once that’s mastered, teach them a clove hitch, square knot, then a figure-eight. If you need a little help, Google, ‘knot tying for kids’ and you’ll find easy-to-follow instructional videos. Make it more fun by turning knot tying into a game (if you have more than one kid participating). Ask them to tie a proper knot as fast as they can. The winner gets to choose the next knot on the list.


  1. Pirate Ship

This game is best played with a group of kids, but it can also work with just one. It’s great for teaching kids important boating terms, and once again, is best played on land. Here are the rules:

  • One kid is the captain and the rest are the crew. (If it’s just you and one child, then you can be the captain and give the directions!)
  • The captain gives directions to the crew, who must respond as quickly and accurately as possible. If you have a group, then anyone who makes a mistake is out. If you’re playing with one kid, then it can be fun to just keep going until you feel like swapping roles.
  • The captain’s instructions are:
    • To the ship – everyone must stand to the right hand side of the captain.
    • On land – players lay on their stomachs.
    • Three in a boat – kids get into groups of three (scrap this if you don’t have enough little ones!).
    • Attention on deck – everyone must respond, ‘aye, aye Captain’.
    • Starboard – everyone runs to the left hand side of the boat.
    • Port – everyone runs to right hand side of the boat, facing bowside.
    • Stern – everyone runs to the back of the boat, facing bowside.
    • Bow – everyone runs to the front of the boat.
    • Poorly seagull – everyone sits on the ground, flapping their hands and feet in the air.
    • Boom! – everyone has to duck to let the boom pass over the top of them.


  1. Story time

There are some amazing books about boats, which have been written especially for kids. If you’re reading to your kids at night, or if they’re reading to you, then choosing a boat inspired kid’s book is a great way to inspire a curiousity and love for boating. Here are some great ones!


  1. Swimming lessons

Learning to swim is such a vital skill, especially for children growing up in Australia where pools and beach trips are commonplace. There are swimming classes for babies and toddlers, as well as children of all ages in Australia. So, find a reputable local swim school in your area and enrol your little one. Good swim schools know how to teach kids the basics of swimming in a fun and safe way, while instilling valuable skills that will last a lifetime.


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