How to get the most from boating in winter

When you think of boating, your mind probably wanders to idyllic days, fishing off a stunning coastline with the sun beating down on your neck. Then winter comes around and that reality disappears as fast as Warby Motorsport’s Spirit of Australia.

This week, we’re exploring how to get the most out of winter boating in Australia.

  1. Maintain your boat

When the weather gets cold engine fluids get thicker. This is why it’s important to test and change old engine oil, even if you’re not boating as regularly as you would in the summer. Stick to your regular boat service schedule, and if you are taking her off the water, make sure you drain old fuel, then check there’s no water in the engine when it is replaced. Rust builds up easily on vessels this way!

Head here for a winter maintenance checklist we blogged last year.

  1. Bookmark BOM on your computer

Compared with many other places around the world, Australia’s winters are exceptionally mild. This means there are more than a few windows of time when a boat can hit the water. Yes it may be a bit colder than summer, but with a good waterproof coat and smart planning, you can still enjoy your favourite sport in the world.

We recommend checking the Bureau of Meteorology website (BOM), as this is the most reliable weather source in Australia.

  1. Leave the sea

The ocean is a beautiful place to be. But its openness to winds also makes it vulnerable to high swells. Unless you relish a choppy ride, you’re probably going to pass. The river, a lake, or even a protected bay are much smoother spots to launch from. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing, protected places to boat in Australia.

Here are our top 5 lake picks here! 

  1. Embrace comfort

It’s always going to be a few degrees cooler on the water, which is why we recommend embracing creature comforts like thermos flasks, finger warmers and anything else that will keep you focused on your boating adventure. Boating Camping Fishing, and other similar stores, sell reasonably priced rainwear apparel, and other items that will keep you warm on the water.

Head here to check out their range.

  1. Stay safe

We can’t write a winter boating blog without digging into water safety. No weather report is 100% certain, which means conditions can change when you’re out on the water. Always make sure your safety kit is fully stocked, with functional flares and tested equipment. Also, be sure to have a clear emergency procedure, should things go awry.

Most states have their own boating safety information. Here is a link to Maritime Safety Victoria’s Recreational Boating Safety Handbook.

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