Insider marine insurance tips from a Marine Underwriter

We spoke with Trident Marine Underwriter Sam Wolozny about his love of boating, and why he enjoys speaking to clients about their passion (and his!).

Sam took time out to share what he loves about boating, as well as his top tips for streamlining marine insurance claims and enjoying time on the water.

Here’s what he had to say!

Trident Marine: What is your favourite thing about the ocean?

Sam Wolozny: The way it invigorates me. Whenever I am on the water stress levels reduce and it has a calming effect on all on board. There is no other place I would rather be. There is really something very special about being on the water, the sound of the waves and the smell of the fresh ocean air is almost hypnotising.

TM: What does a Marine Underwriter do?

SW: I assess insurance risks on boats – from tinnies to superyachts – based on the information that is provided. Some of the information includes vessel type, age, location, use and other factors. Once I have the required information, this will create a risk profile, and I will then provide information about the premium and excess terms to clients.

TM: What do you love about your job?

SW: Undoubtedly, it’s the people and discussing their boating interests. Many clients work hard all week so they can do what they love, which is time on their boat and in the water. I am fortunate as I share the same interest, so talking boats to our clients is a real privilege. I think our clients appreciate talking boat insurance with me, as I share a similar love for boating and the ocean. The love people have for a boat is contagious. You can really hear the pride and joy in their voice.

TM: How long have you worked with Trident?

SW: I have been working at Trident for just over 4 years now. However; I have been involved with Trident for pretty much my whole life as my father [Ric Wolozny] founded Trident 23 years ago and is the Managing Director and owner.

TM: What are your thoughts on boating?

SW: I really do love boating, I grew up on the water and it has played a big part in my life. The countless summers I have spent on the water with my family are some of my best memories growing up as a child, and even now as an adult. So many weekends involve being on the family boat or in or around water.

TM: Do you do you have any other water hobbies?

SW: I am an avid surf boat rower of nearly 4 years and have been lucky enough to row and compete at some of the most amazing beaches in Western Australia. I have also been a volunteer surf life saver for the best part of 5 years, where I am a qualified crew for the IRBs [Immediate Response Boats]. In my high school years, I was involved with river scull rowing for 4 years and I also sailed small yachts when in was younger.

TM: Why do you think people love boating so much?

SW: It’s really just the way it makes you feel when you’re out there. Combine this with some of the amazing boating locations we have around Australia and the fishing spots and offshore islands you can sail to; what’s not to love!

TM: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

SW: Enjoy the amazing marine environment we have in Australia, but do your research and stay safe.

Sam’s top 3 boating and insurance tips

  1. Keep receipts for any equipment, accessories or other extras added to the vessel, as this can make a claim significantly quicker and easier.
  2. Do annual reviews on the vessel, including a maintenance check and value check. Vessels depreciate quite quickly and premium is mostly calculated on a vessel’s value.
  3. Become knowledgeable by attending boating courses and spending time on board with ‘old salts’, they have so much knowledge and younger boaties like me can learn so much from them.

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