What makes a great inflatable dock?

Inflatable docks are an easy and amazingly fun way to get more space on your boat, while also keeping the kids (and grown-ups) entertained. Today, we’re diving into why inflatable docks make boating life better.

Let’s go!

  1. They’re easy

Inflatable docks are easy to take care of, since when you’re done, you simply deflate the dock and pack it away. Store it on your boat, in a dock box or in your garage. Some docks even come with their own hand pump, or buy an electrical pump for easy inflating.

  1. Space savers

Once you’ve anchored, inflate your dock and tether it to your boat. Your mobile pontoon is now the perfect spot for kids to play, and it gives you more room on board. Adults can enjoy lounging around on it too. Just don’t tow the dock, as they’re not made for that!

  1. Low maintenance

Most docks are made from polyethylene, which is easy to wipe down. You can also clean your inflatable dock with soapy water. Simply inflate it on land and use a hose to clean off any seaweed, salt or sand. If you can’t be bothered, a simple wipe down is enough.

  1. Plenty of uses

Inflatable docks can be used in a number of different ways. They can anchor jet skis, kayaks or water toys, they can be a great swimming platform (or floating lounge!) and they can be used as a pet pier for your puppers. Some people even use them as yoga platforms for water yoga!


What makes a great inflatable dock?

If you’re shopping for an inflatable dock, considering purchasing one with the following features:

  • Anchor points – which allow you to tie the dock off to your boat.
  • Webbed loops – so you can anchor the dock without attaching it to a boat.
  • D-rings – make it easier to attach coolers and other handy items you need to reach.
  • High pressure valve – for easy inflating and deflating.
  • BVA deck pad – if possible, a BVA deck pad that is heat sealed, which whisks water away.
  • Traction – on the deck pad to avoid slipping.
  • Soft deck pad – a cushioned deck pad is perfect for lounging!
  • Handles – grab handles make it far easier to board, as you have more stability.
  • Sturdy construction – double stitch seams and PVC coating make it tough enough for pets, extra people and even deck chairs.

Of course, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see what your inflatable dock is capable of holding.

Are you covered?

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