Why marine search and rescue groups matter

This week, we’re taking time out to thank the wonderful volunteer water rescue organisations all around Australia. These groups are responsible for running search and rescue operations, as well as training and educating people about boat and water safety.

They work tirelessly, and often with minimal funds. There are plenty of reasons why we need search and rescue groups on the water. Here are some facts to consider.

The data

  • A 2014-15 Government report found that in NSW alone, 15 boating fatalities occurred on recreational vessels.
  • A further 9 out of 11 of the people presumed drowned were not wearing a life jacket.
  • Long-term stats indicate that over 60% of recreational boating deaths could be prevented if the individuals were wearing a lifejacket, regardless of whether it was required.
  • ‘Men in small boats’ remain at the highest risk of fatality – 64.3% of incidents happened to males on vessels under 6-metres long.
  • 7% fatalities occurred when people were forced overboard and into the water due to swamping, capsizing or falling from the vessel.
  • Serious injuries associated with towing sports, like wakeboarding or water-skiing, were minimal.
  • Colliding with another vessel, capsizing or colliding with a fixed object and becoming grounded made up over 60% of recreational boating incidents.
  • Head here for the full report.

Help out your local search and rescue

There are many ways to support your local marine search and rescue group. These include:

  • Becoming a rescue or training volunteer.
  • Signing up as a member, and asking how you can assist in a way that matches your time requirements.
  • Taking part in a marine safety course, so you are up to date with safety regulations in your state.
  • Donating funds to assist the group with buying search and rescue equipment and other vital items.

Funding for WA search and rescue group

New and more effective search and rescue equipment hits the market constantly, and often, these cutting-edge technologies make a big difference to the success of rescue efforts. This is why many search and rescue groups need support with funding.

Trident Marine Insurance recently donated the raffle prize, a Sea Doo Aqua Lounge 6 Inflatable Island, with all funds going to Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue (WA). Visit their Facebook page to find out more about the good work they do.

We are very proud to support Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue, because groups such as these help to markedly reduce fatalities in WA and around Australia.

Discover more

To connect with your local search and rescue group, we recommend heading online and Googling ‘volunteer search and rescue’, as well as your local boating area. For more information on boat safety, as well as events happening in the Australian marine community, please visit our Facebook page.

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