New boating tech innovations in 2021

Boating technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new innovations that help us boat smarter and safer. We’ve taken time out to list five new boating tech innovations that have come onto the market in 2021.


Here’s what made the cut.


  1. Garmin inReach Mini Marine Bundle

This handheld satellite communicator is not only compact, it’s also lightweight and extremely durable. Use it for two-way text messaging through the global Iridium satellite network, and if the need arises, trigger an SOS alert. Perfect for any time you’re out of range, and features 50 hours of battery life (when in 10-minute tracking mode). You’ll also be able to pair the Mini Marine Bundle with devices onboard, so you can check forecasts, maps and manage messages.


  1. ACR Electronics ResQLink View Personal Locator Beacon

This state of the art personal locator beacon is an excellent investment in your safety. It’s small, resilient and professionally engineered and tested, which means it’s capable of withstanding the toughest conditions. The ResQLink View features a digital display, which offers Live Status updates and GPS coordinates, plus built-in buoyancy, strobe and infrared strobe for high visibility.


  1. Raymarine RealVision 3D Sonar

Sure, two-dimensional sonar is cool, but imagine checking out the water just like a fish would. This 3D sonar allows you to see colourised depths, as well as bottom structure and schools of fish. You can also use a touchscreen to rotate views and see things from different angles to achieve the ideal perspective. For example, instead of just staring down at a wreck, you can ‘fly’ over, and take it in from all different angles. Very cool.


  1. SIONYX Aurora Pro

SIONYX’s full colour digital night vision optics are the first of their kind for the market-leading innovator. They feature new sensor technology, which enhance optics for superior digital night vision. The Aurora Pro is ideal for very dark conditions, as tech enables the user to see more of the darkness spectrum. They’re also purpose-built for extreme environments, which is probably why many law enforcement agencies around the world use them for surveillance.


  1. Raymarine Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar with Doppler Processing

Working out what a regular radar is communicating can be challenging at the best of times. The Quantum 2 colour codes incoming and outgoing traffic at both short and long range, so you can easily identify what other boats are doing on the water. Quantum 2 MARPA mode also includes dangerous target tracking, which radically reduces the risk of collision by allowing you to respond to high-risk boating situations way ahead of time.


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