Why people who fish are better than everyone else

You knew it, we knew it, and now we have the research to back that people who fish are far superior to people who don’t. Okay, we don’t actually have research to say they’re better. But we do have studies that prove the distinct health benefits of casting a line.


Here’s what we found.


  1. They’re Zen

You can’t get more Zen then chilling out by a lake/ ocean/ pond, waiting for a bite. Yes, there’s the adrenaline that comes when a fish gets hooked, but it’s the time in between that’s the real magic. Without realising it, you’re actually engaging in one of the most beneficial activities for your body – meditation.


Studies show that mediation reduces stress, anxiety and promotes emotional health. So, while you’re waiting for your monster catch, take a moment to appreciate the moment you are in. Breathe in the fresh air, notice the light as it hits the water and listen to the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore. Yep. Fishing = Buddhist monk training.


  1. They live longer

Fishing on your own is perfectly fine (unless you’re on an unsafe shoreline or out on a boat, having a buddy is essential). But, fishing with a mate (or two), adds a whole new level of adventure to your fishing experience. Not to mention the benefit of having someone carry the esky for you.


Scientists have found that socialising not only increases brain health, it also reduces your risk of dementia. People who socialise more are also likely to live longer (given overall health is fine), have a stronger immune system and better mental health. So, there are more than a few excuses to get a mate on board for your next fishing trip.


  1. They’re stronger

Fishing burns around 200 calories per hour (unless you’re drinking beer while you do it), which means it’s not just good for your mind. Then there’s the time spent finding the right spot and working to bring in your catch. In The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemmingway’s main character spends three whole days battling a great marlin. (Don’t do this in real life please.)


The best thing about fishing, is that you’re not really focused on fitness – you’re caught up in enjoying the scenery, the fresh air and the excitement of brining in a great catch. That makes you smarter than all those folks who spend hundreds on gym memberships but don’t end up going. (They don’t get fresh fish for dinner either.)


  1. Their bones are strong

Vitamin D is a big deal to your body – it helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which boosts your immune system and helps the body fight off disease. This extra special vitamin also helps the body to maintain healthy teeth and bones and may also work to protect against Type 1 diabetes, as it regulates insulin levels.


Our body produces Vitamin D in response to being exposed to the sun. So, casting a line on a sunny day really is great for your body in many ways. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen and proper sun protection apparel, since too much sun is never good for the body. For more detailed information on the benefits of Vitamin D, head here.


  1. They have great cover

Okay, this one’s a little out of left field, but having cover for your boat, while you’re casting a line, will give you the peace of mind you deserve. If you do happen to have an accident, and need to be covered for damage or injury, having the right marine insurance will make a big difference to your own health, and your boat’s too.


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