Why more people are using kayaks and SUPs right now

If you’re in a state or territory that no longer allows boating, there are other ways to get your fix on the water. Okay, it may not involve a four-stroke, but it is still a whole lot of fun – just in a different way. Today, we’re talking about why you need a kayak or a SUP in your life right now.


Here’s what you need to know.


Why we love kayaks and SUPs

Whether you’re isolating at home or heading into the world providing essential services – you are doing your bit amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In our books, that makes you amazing.


Of course, the stress of the unknown and big changes to how we live our lives can take a toll on our physical and mental health, which means it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves. After all, if we’re not okay, it’s hard to look after the people around us too.


How exactly does this relate to kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding? Well, studies show being out on the water does wonders for our mental health, and since many of us can’t boat anymore, this is an alternative way to get those scientifically backed benefits.


The benefits of blue space

Scientists refer to blue space as anywhere in proximity to a body of water. This includes places near the river, lakes and the sea. Michael Depledge, who chairs Environmental and Human Health at the University of Exeter Medical School has been studying the benefits of blue space for over 10 years.


Depledge explains that spending time near water, “promotes physical activity and general fitness.”


According to Depledge, other benefits include:

  • Lowering the incidence of diabetes and other diseases, which are associated with obesity.
  • Slowing down heart rate and reducing stress hormones.
  • Increasing mental health benefits.


Getting on the water

Of course, you don’t need to be on the water to experience the health benefits of blue space.


But, if you love coasting along peaceful rivers, oceans or lakes, and want some additional exercise to calm the cabin fever many of us are feeling, then kayaking or stand up paddle boarding could be the perfect solution.


Whether you’re new to paddling or a seasoned pro, always head out with a buddy and let someone know where you’re going. It’s also important to stay on calm waters, such as a river or lake, so you stay safe.


Besides the importance of your safety, we also need to minimise additional stress on health and rescue services right now. This means only paddling within our capabilities and minimising risk wherever possible.


How to buy a kayak or SUP right now

If you don’t have a kayak or a SUP, you can get a good, entry level model from Anaconda, BCF or most adventure stores. We recommend heading into a store to purchase one, as online orders have major lag times, since more people are buying online at the moment.


Just make sure you stay aware of social distancing requirements when you’re in-store.


There are also plenty of reliable kayaks and SUPs for sale on Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. Gumtree has some good tips for people who want to buy items second hand and stay safe in the current climate.


Gumtree recommends having PayPal or Osko set up so you can pay the seller without handing over physical cash. You can also ask the seller to provide a video of the kayak or SUP, so you don’t have to spend too much time looking it over when you arrive.


Ideally, the seller should have the item outside for you to inspect, so you can maintain social distancing while assessing the kayak or SUP. Head here for more great tips for contactless trade.


Are you covered?

If you need comprehensive cover for your kayak or your SUP, we can provide an obligation free quote for your peace of mind. Please get in touch via email or telephone, and one of our marine underwriters can assist you.


Most importantly, please stay safe out on the water, and always comply with the safety regulations where you’re paddling. For more information on whether it’s safe to boat in your area, head here.