Perth gears up for exciting WASZP Games

We are excited to share that organisers of the International WASZP Games are gearing up for the big event, set to kick start on 22 January 2019, for 7 days jam packed with WASZP action.

The one design foiling event is the largest in the world, and next year, will be set on Perth’s stunning Swan River.

This location is particularly perfect, given its flat water, strong winds and of course, the wonderful laid back atmosphere of WA.

Here’s what you need to know about the WASZP Games.


The WASZP is a relatively new project, conceived by Andrew McDougall in 2010. McDougall also designed the Mach 2 foiling Moth, a racing boat known for being beautiful to sail, with only a few rules.

But the Moth was not everyone’s cup of tea, so McDougall developed the WASZP project in response. If you haven’t seen one in action yet, check out this video on the website. It’s speed and mobility will blow you away. (Seriously.)

Half the price of a Moth

The WASZP was also designed to be far more cost-effective than the Moth. It’s about half the price ($13,990 AUD) and it’ll cost you around $1,465 AUD for delivery (depending on where you are in the world, and the taxes and duties your country attracts).


The WASZP Games organisers are offering a shipping subsidy to competitors from around the world and in Eastern Australia. The subsidy is up to $1,000 for 15 boats, which will be loaded onto a 20-foot shipping container. (Email to find out more about this.)


The WASZP has sold over 600 boats globally, since it came into production in 2016. Since then, the class has become more and more popular, especially for sailors who want a fast and competitive experience that is also heaps of fun.

We’re seeing more WASZP events worldwide, with solid attendance figures. There are WASZPs in 30+ countries around the world and racing circuits in about 15. In Australia alone, there are 80 WASZPs, which compete in races nationally.

Most of the Australian WASZP fleet is located in Victoria, with more than 40 boats. NSW has a rapidly growing fan base and WA has 15 regulars on the circuit (mostly out of the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club).


The WASZP has been lauded for its innovative, lightweight design and stealth. It won:

  • Best One-Design at Sailing World’s Boat of the Year Awards in 2017.
  • Best Foiling Production Boat at the Foiling Week Awards in 2016 (Italy).
  • Performance Boat of the Year (under 5 metres) at the 10th China Cup International Regatta in 2016.
  • Dinghy of the Year at Yachts and Yachting in 2016 (UK).

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in competing, head to the WASZP Games 2019 Facebook page for more information. If you’re not a competitive WASZPY, put the 22 to 28 January 2019 in your calendar, and get down to the Swan River in WA. It’ll be action packed.

Although we can’t insure WASZPs, we do cover other sailing boats and vessels, from SUPs to large yachts and commercial vessels. Ask us about a free quote, and make sure you’re adequately covered for your own peace of mind.

Stay safe on the water and keep having fun!