Sail Indonesia Rally 2016 – What you need to know

If sailing to new and beautiful places is your thing, then you just may be interested in taking part in the Sail Indonesia Yacht Rally this year.

The 3-month sailing adventure kicks off in Darwin on July 23. Participants then sail to Bali via Kupang, Alor, Flores and Labuan Bajo, then past Java, Borneo and Sumatra, before finishing up in Singapore.

This sailing event is particularly unique, as authorities from different islands come together to co-ordinate and manage the rally. Along the way, participants can stop at a number of island ports and enjoy festivities from different cultures.

More than 1,000 yachts have taken part in the Sail Indonesia Rally since it was established in 2000.

What to expect

The Sail Indonesia Rally isn’t just about exploring new and beautiful locations. It’s about embracing the culture and adventure each port has to offer.

Participants are welcome to take part in a series of linked events and ‘cultural festivals’, which are held on many of the island stopovers. During these stops, you are invited to embrace the food, dance, language and culture these islands have to offer.

Just some of the festival stops can be found at:

  • Timor
  • Flores
  • Bali
  • Java
  • Borneo
  • Bintan

You won’t have time to enjoy every stop over, so the organisers encourage participants to choose the events that fit in with your sailing schedule.

Fast Facts

Start Date: July 23 2016

Launch Port: Darwin, Australia

Length of Rally: 3-months

Finishing Port: Bintan Island, Singapore

Entry Fee: $375 AUD

Find out more:

Don’t have a yacht?

If you don’t have a yacht and a crew, but want to take part in the Sail Indonesia rally, there are online forums for individuals who want to find a spot with an existing crew.

Head here to see if any positions are available.

What about documentation?

This year entry fees have dropped in price because yachts in the region no longer require a CAIT (Cruising Approval for Indonesian Territory).

The Indonesian Government abolished this requirement in December 2015, which means Sail Indonesia does not have to spend time processing approvals for participants.

How do I register?

To register for Sail Indonesia, you will need to email the organisers and request a registration form. The email contact listed on Sail Indonesia’s website is:

We also encourage you to check out the Sail Indonesia website, as it contains extensive information about the event, as well as stories from past participants.

Get cover before you set sail

We are currently offering marine insurance cover for yachts participating in the Sail Indonesia Yachting Rally. If you’d like a quote or want to make sure you’re getting the most competitive cover possible, please contact our office.