Super yacht at half the price hits Australia

We’re getting a little bit excited about the Jeanneau 64, which will be hitting Australian shores with a new Aussie owner.

Queensland dealer Ian Douglas, who handled the sale, told, “The Jeanneau 64 is the yacht that fulfils the dreams of many sailors”.

We’ve taken time out to rave about her too.

What’s the big deal about the Jenneau 64?

The flagship model has been widely lauded for its luxury and superyacht pedigree, with interior design by the infamous Andrew Winch of Andrew Winch Design in London.

In Winch Design’s own words:

“Winch Design sailboats are not boats to be tied up and left in dock. They are boats to be loved deeply and lived in contentedly, horizon-widening vessels for adventure, for keeping spirits soaring and hearts afloat.”

Phillipe Briand designed the body of the yacht. In the past, Briand has designed world class names like the Mari-Cha III and IV.

The Jeanneau 64 was designed with a modern hull, which allows it to hit fast speeds, while maintaining a smooth ride and excellent stability.

The interior is also extremely spacious; exactly what you’d expect from a yacht of this calibre.


Impressive value

Toby Hodges of Yachting World said in his boat test review:

“The French production builder has married the world of big-boat luxury and comfort with production boat functionality and pricing to create a new market.”

The yacht is around half the cost of other boats its size, which include luxury names like Hallberg-Rassy, Oyster and X-yachts.

The latter will set you back around 2 to 2.5 million Euros (3.1 to 3.8 million AUD).

According to Hodges, there is a market for the 1 million Euro Jenneau (1.5 million AUD), with 14 already sold (11 to existing owners).

For yachts of this size, this already equates to around half of global sales in 2016. That’s no mean feat.

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