The Best Spots to Anchor in Europe

This time of year it seems like every Aussie is cruising somewhere off the coast of a dazzling European town. Of course, we think it’s a perfectly grand idea, so have taken a moment to pick our top 10 spots to moor off the coast of Europe.

Cinque Terre boats-522468_640

The Cinque Terre are 5 gorgeous towns carved out of the rocks and cliffs of rugged UNESCO protected Italian coastline. The coastline is a marine reserve, which means you do need permission to enter the area. To get around this, many choose to berth at La Spezia, a nearby, slightly larger town with its own charm. You can then explore the Cinque Terre region on a smaller vessel or head in by train. The rocky outcrops around the towns makes it difficult to travel by car, so train is best. Of course, nothing beats being on the water. So get a smaller boat or get that permit sorted. It will be well worth it!


Since you’re already in Italy, why not sail on over to the Marina di Capri. Capri is not only the birthplace of limoncello; it’s also where Jackie Kennedy, Sofia Loren and Clark Cable anchored in the 1950’s. These days you’ll see celebrities like George Clooney, J-Lo and Beyoncé on the pristine blue waters. Another draw card is the beautiful island itself – traditional whitewashed homes, open bars overlooking the ocean and breathtaking cliff faces create the perfect setting for an Italian getaway.

The Dalmatian Coast 

Just over the water from Italy is Croatia, another epic sailing destination complete with 1,185 islands dotted across the crystal clear Adriatic coast. Dubrovnik_Exploring these islands by boat is by far the best way to experience them. You can start with the more popular coastlines of Dubrovnik or Split, or just make your way around the remote islands of Elafiti or Kornati. Along the way, you’ll come across traditional fishing towns and hidden coves, just waiting to be explored. The beauty of The Dalmatian Coast is that you can make your adventure as low-key or high-impact as you like.

The Baltic Islands 

When most people think island hopping, Germany is not the first (or even the last) destination that comes to mind. But that’s exactly where we recommend you anchor. The Baltic Islands are dotted around this inland sea, which is bound by Europe’s mainland, the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Danish Islands. The diverse landscapes you’ll take in are absolutely breathtaking – from rugged, sweeping coastlines to pure white beaches.


Hidden in the Western Mediterranean, Corsica has more than 200 beaches and great weather to match. Because of this, you’d expect the small French region to be jam packed with tourists. But its isolation makes it difficult to get to, which puts many travellers off. Corsica lets you take a peek at a more traditional-style of French living, and it’s fairly quiet, which makes it a peaceful place to unwind and take in the sweeping mountains, which encircle Ajaccio. Come ashore at major port Bonifacio and you can also take your pick of gorgeous restaurants set along the harbour.

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