Tips for starting rowing (at any age)

Rowing is a sport loved by people of all ages, probably because it’s a whole lot of fun. If you’ve had an urge to give rowing a try, don’t hold back. There are crews all over Australia for individuals of all ages and experience levels.

Here’s what you need to know.

Find your local rowing club

Jump online and find a rowing club near you. Nearly every club has an open day for folk interested in signing up. Usually, instructors will get you to have a go sculling on your own, or as a twosome, which is heaps of fun but also a little bit of a challenge.

If there are no open days happening at your local club, simply get in touch and let the people there know you’re interested in learning. They will be stoked to show you around the club, and connect you with their next beginner’s course.

Get the gear

You don’t need a whole lot of gear when you’re starting out. But to make sure you’re comfortable and happy on the water, we recommend:

  • Good sunglasses that won’t fall off if you tip your head forward. (There can be plenty of glare off the water, so sunnies will protect you from this.)
  • Because, well, you’re in Australia.
  • Gloves to protect your hands from blisters. These are a necessity!
  • A water bottle, since you will work up a thirst and need to stay hydrated.
  • Lycra shorts. Yes, it may look daggy but you’ll understand why rowers don Lycra after just one session on the water! (Loose clothing gets caught on things and can cause chaff.)

We recommend you don’t buy too much stuff in the beginning. Feel it out first, and you’ll eventually accumulate what you need.

The items listed above will ensure you’re comfortable from the get-go, and you can buy more gear as you get acquainted with the sport.

Be kind to yourself

Learning a new skill as an adult can be intimidating. Kids tend to be better at picking up new skills because they respond more intuitively to situations and are less afraid to just give things a go.

Of course, this doesn’t mean learning new skills as an adult is impossible. But, we can discover a thing or two from our smaller counter parts.

For example:

  • Learning new skills can feel scary.
  • You’re out of your comfort zone, which means you probably feel a bit self-conscious.
  • But know that everyone feels this way when they’re starting something fresh.
  • Not only is it amazing and humbling to learn something new, it also opens new opportunities and adventures for you to explore.
  • Go you!



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