Top Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips

Yes, your boat is supposed to be on the water. But if you’re like many boat owners in Australia, your pride and joy is parked alongside more primitive, ground-dwelling modes of transport. As a result, it needs a little help getting from the front yard to the open sea. This important job belongs to your boat trailer.

The boat trailer conundrum

The boat trailer may well be one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment a seafarer owns. If it’s getting your boat from point A to point B, it’s doing the job and we tend to forget it even exists. When it doesn’t, that’s one big fishing trip down the drain. In boatie terms, a very big deal.

Maintenance works

It’s an old adage, but regular trailer maintenance will reduce costs spent on major fixes in the long run. You’ll also be far less likely to miss a sunny day on the water. And, your trailer will last a lot longer too.

We’ve put together a checklist, to help you keep your boat trailer in top-notch condition.

Boat Trailer maintenance checklist

Inspection Check List

  1. Are wheel bearings greased?
  2. Are tyres inflated to appropriate levels?
  3. Are tyre treads worn? Do they have spider cracks? (This can mean dry rot.)
  4. Does the trailer have cracks or bad rust? Check springs and axles.
  5. Do rollers and runners have breaks or cracks? They should be clean and they shouldn’t be locked up.
  6. Is the winch functioning correctly? Check the condition of the cable or strap.
  7. Is the trailer ball mounted tight? Is it the correct size? Clean debris from the hitch and trailer ball before locking them in.
  8. Is the hitch coupler locked and secured with a bolt or some kind of lock?
  9. Are the trailer’s safety chains crossed over and secured to the towing vehicle? (Crossed chains cradle the hitch if it comes out of the ball.)
  10. Is the trailer’s tongue jack locked into place and rotated upwards?
  11. Are the lights working? Check the brake lights and indicators before hitting the road.
  12. Do you have particularly heavy items on the boat? If so, transport them in the towing vehicle.

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