Top fishing boats in Australia this year

Want to know more about the best fishing boat buys this season? We’ve taken time out to share the top buys, based on reviews from Australian boating expert, Don Wiseman.

Here’s what made the cut.

  1. Perfect gateway fishing boat

A small boat with big perks – The Arvor 905 Sportsfish

According to Don Wiseman, Senior Writer of, the Arvor 905 Sportfish is perfect for seafarers who want a boat that can perform like a game boat, without the large size or hassle.

Wiseman tested the previous Sportfish model (the 675), and said the new one has many of the same design features, including a wide beam forward hull.

They are ideal for coping with the demanding offshore conditions expected when deep sea fishing, and the downstairs accommodation is suitable for overnighters.

If you’re moving up from a small trailer boat, you’ll probably be comfortable in the 905, as it still has outboard power.

If fishing is your sport of choice, you’ll love the enclosed cabin and spacious cockpit, which makes jigging, trolling and dropping bait very easy.

You can even slide the sunshade away and open up the overhead space, or keep it closed for extra protection.

  1. A family boat with all the comforts

The SUV of the water – The Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5WA

Wiseman calls The Jeanneau Cap Camarat the ‘SUV of the water’, and it makes sense why. The boat is spacious on board, which means its great for lounging, and has the chops for fishing and cruising.

This outboard wasn’t born in the US like most, and perhaps that’s why it’s a bit different. The Jeanneau has added luxuries, which makes it more of a good fit for families. Plus, there’s ample amenities and comforts for all who come on board.

Wiseman took one out on the Sydney Harbour and happened to see whales from a safe distance. He said the front sun pad was an exceptional viewing platform, but should only be used during safe conditions.

Yes, you can easily stay overnight on the Jeanneau, but it’s the usability that makes it outstanding. The twin outboards are 2.6L inline (6 cylinders). Although powerful, they are also surprisingly quiet.

Handling is impressive too. Especially considering the size of the boat. Overall, the Jernneau is a versatile vessel, which could be just as easily enjoyed while cruising or pulling up for a few nights at a beautiful location.

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  1. No frills fishing boat

An efficient mid-sized fishing buddy – Bar Crusher 535C Cuddy Cab

We’ve included this mid-size fishing boat, because it’s proven as a great offshore vessel – for seasoned pros and those who want a reliable, tested ride.

You’ve probably seen them ‘floating’ around at most fishing spots, and there’s good reason for this. The cabin is more forward than other boats of its type, which means more space for the activities you’ll be on board for – fishing.

As a result of the forward cabin, some people aren’t fans of the look of the Bar Crusher, but it’s functionality makes up for this. There’s a large live bait tank on the port side, and even though there isn’t a transom door, it’s easy enough to climb over the bulkhead to get aboard.

You also don’t need to get off the boat to release the anchor, which is a pretty cool feature, as it’s much safer than the alternative.

On the downside, the dashboard is probably not big enough for any large sized multi-function screen unit, so a freestanding alternative may need to be employed. You’ll need to invest in one that can withstand light, as it will only have a windscreen to protect it.

The boat isn’t fancy, but it has saved weight thanks to a newly designed mounting system. Expect great efficiency and torque.

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