Trident Marine Boating Community Launches

We’re passionate about anything and everything on the water, which is why we’ve just launched a new Facebook Community page, dedicated to issues that impact the Aussie boating community.

Every fortnight, we’ll be writing about the Australian boating scene, and we’ll be sharing these articles right here on the Trident Marine blog. Expect write-ups on topics relating to marine law, boating regulations, safety and insights into new gear and tech on the market.

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Got a boating question?

If you’d like us to write about a specific topic relating to the Australian boating industry, feel free to email us. Feedback and ideas are welcome, as we are keen to keep this blog informative and relevant to seafarers Australia-wide.

Who is Trident Marine?

Our job is to give Australian boat enthusiasts peace of mind, by covering their pride and joy, just in case an accident or incident happens. We cover boats, yachts, Jet Skis and other marine vessels located in Australia and offshore. Find out more about what we do here.

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