World record set for smallest boat to sail around the world

Think sailing around the world would be tough? Try doing it in a small, modified boat with a stripped interior. That’s exactly what Polish sailor, Szymon Kuczynski did.

The craft in question came in at 20-feet, 10 inches, making it the smallest sailboat to travel around the world, non-stop.

Here’s what else you should know about Kuczynski’s epic journey.

270-days, non-stop

Kuczyniski launched Atlantic Puffin from Plymouth, England on 17 August 2017. 270 days later he had successfully circumnavigated approximately 30,000 miles around the globe. Oh, and he did the whole trip solo and unaided.

Kuczyniski left Plymouth on a classic route, heading south and rounding the Cape of Good Hope, which is at the top of South Africa.

He then sailed east, passed the South Australian coastline, through the Pacific and around the top of South America (Cape Horn). The final leg took Kuczyniski north through the Atlantic and then back to his starting point in Plymouth.

In-land boat modified for open sailing

Kuczyniski’s boat of choice was a Maxus 22, manufactured in Poland in the Northman Shipyard. Although the Maxus is typically designed for close shore waters and in-land sailing, Kuczyniski had it modified for open-ocean sailing in heavy conditions.


Mods included strengthening the hull and rigging, as well as reducing interior appliances to only the necessities. The cabin was made watertight, as was the door between the cabin and cockpit.

A sailing legend

Kuczyniski has more sailing cred than your average seafarer. In 2016, he sailed Atlantic Puffin around the globe for two years, stopping at ports along his journey. In 2013, he built a 16-foot sailboat (himself!) and then sailed it across the Atlantic and back to Europe.

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Atlantic Puffin Maxus