Personal Water Craft

Personal Water Craft

There are three main sections of cover:

SECTION 1. Loss of or damage to your vessel

Including motors, equipment and accessories, trailer and personal effects (or those of any passenger on your vessel)

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft
  • Sinking
  • Storm damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Fire
  • Latent defect
  • Repairer negligence
  • Search costs

SECTION 2. Third Party Liability

We cover you and any person allowed by you to control your boat against legal liability for:

  • Accidental death or bodily injury to a person other than you.
  • Accidental damage to other people’s property.
  • Berth holders liability
  • Property damage caused by or directly arising from sudden accidental discharge of pollutants caused by the vessel.

SECTION 3. Personal Accident

We will pay for death or bodily injury to you arising directly out of the use of the boat.

  • Death $30,000
  • Temporary total disablement $300 per week, up to 100 weeks
  • Permanent total disablement $30,000

SECTION 4. Policy Features

  • New for old replacement if your Jet Ski is a total loss and less than 12 months old
  • Water ingress
  • Pollution liability cover up to $500,000 for accidental discharge of pollutants
  • Emergency cover
  • Emergency land towing
  • Search costs
  • Returning your craft to home, or your vessels usual berth, mooring or storage facility.